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The Fine Print...

1. A payment equal to the hall rental or catering fee is expected at the time of reservation. In the event of breach of contract by the host, the caterer will keep the rental/catering fee and charge related damages to the host.  Standard hall rental is 4 hours. Additional time is available. If an event is to be postponed or cancelled, it must be in writing and refunds are at the discretion of Chateau Michele.

2. Amount of guests should be confirmed 14 days before the event. Chateau Michele will prepare 5% over the number. Final count may not be reduced.

3. Full payment is expected when final count is given.Final charges are agreed upon at time invoice is given. No recourse on contract.

4. Caterer assumes responsibility for catering staff and equipment. Host will assume responsibility for any and all damages or loss caused by any person attending the function.  If liquor is to be served, it is the responsibility of the host. Bartenders are an hourly fee and will ask for proper ID and discontinue service to intoxicated guests.

5. Expected costs for an event: Rental+ food+ extras+ tax+ gratuity. Extra services are defined as professional services, rentals, and extra set up time, bar time, or hall time.

6. Host agrees to begin the event as close to scheduled time as possible. Set up time is guaranteed 30 minutes before the event. Other time, if needed will be at the discretion of Chateau Michele and may or may not be at an additional charge.

7.  Leftover food may be taken by the host if prior arrangements are made and containers are provided by the host.

8. Decorations are subject to approval. Nothing is to be attached to walls or ceilings. Candles must be in glass. Any items brought in must be removed from the hall that evening. 

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